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Community Engagement

Management Approach

For nearly 150 years, Lilly has developed lifesaving and life-changing treatments for people with chronic illnesses, advanced new discoveries and redefined what it means to live with and manage diseases. We recognize that Lilly has a responsibility to look beyond our walls – to help create a world where every individual has an equitable opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. We recognize that a person’s ability to prosper is determined by several factors, so we take a holistic approach to investing in healthier futures. Lilly and the Lilly Foundation support organizations that address inequities in social determinants of health such as education, employment and income – and that tackle systemic issues like racism, a public health threat.  

Lilly strives to be at the forefront of tackling social determinants of health so that more individuals in Indiana and worldwide can thrive and lead a healthy life. 

Extending Our Community Impact

Lilly is committed to extending the reach of our impact, including through: 

  • Eli Lilly and Company Foundation – Lilly provides financial donations to the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc., commonly referred to as the Lilly Foundation. Established in 1968, the Lilly Foundation is a separate tax-exempt organization that provides strategic and philanthropic support to other qualifying tax-exempt organizations consistent with Lilly’s general philanthropic objectives. Visit Lilly Foundation to learn more. 

  • Lilly Grant Office – Lilly provides financial support to projects that promote excellence in patient care and provide valuable information to the medical and patient advocacy communities. Visit the Lilly Grant Office to learn more. 

Corporate Volunteering, Supporting and Giving

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Empowering our diverse workforce to give back to our communities

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Establishing strategic engagements to extend the reach of our impact

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Raising funds to create lasting change in the areas of health, racial justice and education


At Lilly, we actively encourage our employees to volunteer. We offer programs that help them serve their communities at home and abroad. We support employees’ volunteerism interests and offer many opportunities for employees to engage.

Supporting the Community

To expand our reach, we support key organizations and groups that align with our vision to strengthen communities around the world. Lilly and the Lilly Foundation seek out and support organizations that have demonstrated results in driving social impact. 

In 2023, the Lilly Foundation provided grants to improve educational opportunities, to combat racial injustice and inequalities, address health inequities and to make Indianapolis a better place to live. 


Lilly nurtures a nearly 150-year-old culture of volunteerism and philanthropy. Our workforce is deeply committed to going beyond our business to help meet community needs and to help support those affected by disasters and other humanitarian crises. 

As a purpose-driven culture, we strive to create spaces of giving in the communities where we live and work. Many of our employees are inspired and motivated to do the same globally. 

In 2023, the Lilly Foundation matched over $6.2 million in Lilly employee and retiree contributions. These contributions help address complex societal challenges, including in the areas of health, racial justice and education. 

United Way 

For more than a century, Lilly has supported the United Way of Central Indiana and hundreds of United Way chapters across the U.S. in the communities where we live and work. We remain committed to the United Way as a meaningful way to address the most pressing needs in our communities. 

The Lilly Foundation matches Lilly employee contributions through the Lilly United Way campaign dollar-for-dollar. In 2023, Lilly employees, retirees and the Lilly Foundation contributed more than $12 million to over 475 United Way chapters.

Disaster Preparedness and Relief*

While it’s impossible to prepare for every situation, the impact of a disaster may be mitigated with preparation. Disasters – whether natural or manmade – can change lives in an instant. Lilly works with leading disaster and humanitarian relief organizations to provide medicines and support people and communities to help them recover. These collaborations and initiatives include: 

  • Disaster Preparedness Product Support – Since 2009, we’ve worked with the global relief organization Direct Relief to supply insulin and other medicines as part of their Hurricane Prep Packs, which are distributed in advance to health centers in hurricane zones throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also supply insulin and other medicines to Direct Relief’s Strategic Emergency Stockpile initiative, which provides medical items that are urgently needed following disasters. In 2023, we contributed $3.8 million of product to Direct Relief’s disaster preparedness efforts. 

  • Disaster Relief Product Support – We donate medicines and supplies that are specifically requested by relief organizations, including Americares, Direct Relief and Project HOPE. These organizations, with whom we have long standing relationships, work closely with clinics and hospitals on the ground to quickly assess and prioritize needs after a disaster. 

  • Partnership for Quality Medical Donations – We are a charter member of Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, a global collaboration that brings together global medical-product companies and humanitarian organizations to promote sustainable access to quality health care in underserved communities during times of crisis. 

  • Diabetes Solution Center – We offer the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center to help people in the U.S. with immediate needs related to diabetes care, including those impacted by disasters and others who may need help affording their insulin. 

In times of great need, the Lilly Foundation provides strategic cash donations to relief organizations and matches Lilly employee contributions dollar for dollar. These donations help support immediate needs during a crisis and in cases of severe disasters, rebuilding efforts over time. 

Learn more about how Lilly provides assistance in disaster preparedness and relief.

2023 Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

  • Earthquake in Syria and Turkey – Lilly and its affiliates responded to the February 2023 earthquakes that impacted Syria and Turkey by providing insulin pens and vials to Direct Relief and the Turkish Ministry of Health. The Lilly Foundation made a $250,000 donation to organizations supporting the Red Crescent Societies in those areas. It also committed up to $250,000 in matching funds for eligible Lilly employee donations to humanitarian response organizations serving the impacted region. 

  • Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka – Lilly responded to the ongoing humanitarian crisis impacting patients in Sri Lanka by providing insulin pens to Direct Relief. 

  • Wildfires in Maui – Lilly responded to the August 2023 Wildfires in Maui by providing insulin and other medicines to Maui that were prepositioned at Direct Relief’s Santa Barbara, California warehouse as part of their Strategic Emergency Stockpile used for disaster needs as they arise. The Lilly Foundation pledged a match on all eligible Lilly employee donations to humanitarian response organizations responding to needs in Maui. 

  • Earthquake in Morocco and Flooding in Libya – The Lilly Foundation also pledged matches on eligible Lilly employee donations to humanitarian response organizations responding to needs in the areas impacted by these disasters in September 2023. 

  • Israel-Hamas War – Lilly committed $500,000 to humanitarian response organizations in Israel at the start of the conflict. The Lilly Foundation has also pledged to match eligible Lilly employee donations to humanitarian response organizations serving people in Israel, Gaza and the impacted region up to an additional $500,000.

*Includes value of Lilly medicines provided to separate charitable organizations that offer free Lilly medicines to qualifying patients. Amounts are reflective of wholesale acquisition cost for the applicable product (or equivalent). 

Community Engagement Data

1 Includes value of medicines provided by Lilly and its affiliates to separate charitable organizations that offer free Lilly medicines to qualifying patients. Product donations valued at wholesale acquisition cost.

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